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Trading was the first social technology of modern civilization. We build products and tools that evolve and revolutionize e-commerce globally.

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New perspectives

We experiment with new ways to work, new team compositions and workflows all the time. We believe in an organizational structure that eliminates the need for managers, bosses or any kind of formal hierarchy.

Trust To Be Trusted

To trust is to believe with eyes closed and to delegate responsabilities. To be trustworthy you need honesty, transparency and consistency in quality and performance. This is the great pillar of all relationships that involves VTEX within and outside the company. We're trust-first.

Build For Community

It’s all about being ready to grow and reach new levels. Have a solid foundation, modular thinking and flexible essence, and you’re building for scale. We are global but we’re audacious enough to aim for the stars.

Be Bold

Boldness is about challenging the status quo and not being afraid to make mistakes or take risks. Test new alternatives, walk into the unknown and explore possibilities no one thought about. To be bold is to apologize instead of asking for permission.

People sitting on VTEX Rio office's grandstand attending to the weekly alignment event
Girl using a computer, sitting next to a colleague in the office.

Our purpose is clear but fluid. It evolves following the energy of everyone who contributes with hard work and guides the company direction. There are new opportunities everywhere: any idea has the potential to change our path.

Everyday, we practice self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose.

Two guys discussing work over notebooks at a collab and people working on the background.

Our people

At VTEX we believe inclusion inspires innovation. We are committed to implement a recruiting process that guarantees equal opportunities for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.

Front row of a full audience watching a keynote and smiling.

We don’t work alone.

We’re part of a powerful ecosystem of tech, marketing and design companies that develop innovative products globally using our technology.

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A view from the back of the audience with 200+ people watching VTEX's co-founders on the stage. Screens show VTEX Partner logo.

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