Our Culture

High performance is a mountain with no top.

Here at VTEX we believe high performance is a mountain with no top. Because of that our team is extremely committed to our shared bold future.

What we value
in our conversations


We act with integrity — we do what we say — honoring our word and co-creating expectations.


We are free to be who we really are. By acting authentically we create an environment in which our teams feel free to express themselves and give their inputs and perspectives on our future.

Being cause in the transformation

We make ourselves responsible for our customer’s success. We give up the right to be a victim and look for opportunities to cause success.


We are committed to something bigger than ourselves. We believe that's the only way to impact society and accelerate commerce transformation.

Recommended Reading List

These are some of the books that were meaningful in building our always-evolving culture. It is a good idea to understand the vocabulary and distinctions introduced by each one of them.

Proud to build a diverse and inclusive future

At VTEX, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential assets in creating an environment where people genuinely feel they belong.

Thriving is only possible when we develop solutions that can fulfill the needs of customers from different countries, languages, and experiences. And the only way to build a comprehensive platform is by bringing together a global, representative team.

Creating an environment that fosters diversity and making sure our employees feel safe to be themselves and come up with solutions based on their experiences and points of view are key aspects of our declared future.

Check out some milestones that are leading us to a diverse and inclusive future.

Cultivate an inclusive environment starts from the inside

In 2020, we created a Diversity Committee and four affinity groups to address initiatives focused on the specific needs of each community. Our affinity groups are based on four different pillars: race, ethnicity, and culture; gender equality; LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities.

They exist globally but act locally, understanding that diversity and inclusion have their agenda depending on where you are in the world. Our team is located in at least 17 different countries, so we want to make sure they have the autonomy they need to propose actions that are based on their life experiences.

Cultivating inclusion, belonging, and allyship

To impact society, we must be in the field to promote the changes we want to see. And this commitment is extended to the diversity, inclusion, and equity area.

Education is our main tool to develop talents and the ecosystem, so we invest in it inside and outside VTEX. TechWomen Bootcamp and Black Tech Writers are some of the programs VTEX created for the external public .

Tech Women Bootcamp is an initiative held by women professionals at VTEX to boost the careers of women coders by offering classes of soft and hard skills, alongside mentorship sessions. And our Black Tech Writer program provides a complete course of tech writing to black people who desire to start a career in Tech.

Our campaigns are a way to position ourselves, put our affinity groups in the spotlight, and promote challenging and powerful conversations - among VTEXers and society. If these initiatives align with your values, check out our Career site. We would love to have you on board.

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