We bring awareness to decision-making.

By using tools, processes, and automated solutions, we have a deep understanding of what needs to be measured and controlled. We guide the company's areas, providing intelligence for efficient and agile decision making, and support VTEX's global expansion, being precise, reliable and scalable.

Product Design

We learn from our customers to design the future of commerce

We enable millions of people around the world to have a seamless experience buying and selling their products


We support the company's growth through analysing VTEX performance and supporting strategic decisions by developing financial reports to VTEX executives.

Controllership & Tax

Our daily roles consist of ensuring that global financial numbers are in compliance with the International Financial Reports Standards and the local government taxes rules, among others.


We ensure that the business has the money to handle its day-to-day operations, by managing the company’s accounts receivables and accounts payables.

"It's quite amazing to see a company growth from within and to be part of this challenging and empowering journey. The environment is very dynamic and we are always stimulated to do our best and look for the most innovative solutions."

Juliana Matias is one of our incredible International Controllership Coordinators here at VTEX.

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