Growth Enablement

We ensure knowledge scalability for VTEX and the ecosystem.

We are committed to the evolution of VTEX’s Growth teams role related knowledge through training and communication.

Product Design

We learn from our customers to design the future of commerce

We enable millions of people around the world to have a seamless experience buying and selling their products

CX Enablement

The Customer Experience team, we focus on identifying learning opportunities and distributing that knowledge through our internal CX teams. We make sure best practices are reproducible as we expand to more markets.

Marketing Enablement

We share best practices and deliver the assets that marketing teams use to build our brand and generate opportunities in their respective regions, and the visual identity which provides a consistent brand experience.

Sales Enablement

The main goal of the Sales Enablement team is to train, qualify and equip the Sales teams worldwide, providing the tools, assets, knowledge, guidelines, and mentorship for the salesforce to thrive, "deliver unprecedented results" and overachieve their quota in a sustainable way.




Rio de Janeiro


"I immediately felt trusted and was expected to be proactive, self-reliant and make a contribution. People genuinely want to know your opinion; what you say and do actually matters and it can truly help the company succeed."

Alberto Zannoni works in our Sales Enablement team making sure our Sales teams are well equiped to thrive.

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