Product Management

We scale commerce transformation.

We are one, united and multidisciplinary team that operates with a high degree of respect for one another and with a shared desire to see our customers succeed.

Product Management

We work listening to our clients' and stakeholders' needs and combining them with our vision of the future in order to maintain and evolve our products and services from a global perspective.​

Product Experts

We guarantee that the product operating model is structured in a way that creates the appropriate procedures, rituals, cadence, decision-making, flow of work, and communication structures that maximize value generation considering all-time and capabilities trade-offs.​

Product Management



João Pessoa


"I have been at VTEX for seven years and three as a PM, and every day I'm asked questions which I do not know how to answer. And being in a company in a role that you never stop learning is a gift."​

Cris David works as a Product Manager here at VTEX.

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