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Site Reliability Engineering

What we do as SRE?

As a company offering solutions to global customers, we have a team of software and system engineers whose main task is to ensure our platform is scalable, fast and highly available.

Our team responsible for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) works on solutions to keep up with our customers' needs, enhancing our production systems so they can meet an ever-growing demand without compromising reliability.

How we SRE at VTEX

VTEX SRE work focuses on simplifying a multi-tenant infrastructure with multiple applications, enabling all of our engineering teams to deploy platform upgrades while improving observability, overall efficiency and our service level indicators.

We avoid operational overload by defining and implementing automation for our most common processes or eliminating unnecessary operations altogether. Weekly on-call rotation takes place in a blameless fashion where each incident, if they occur, provides means to share context and experience among all of engineering.

We take production incidents very seriously and aim to reduce the blast radius and mitigate them quickly. The team continuously discusses alternative methods to prevent the same and similar issues in the future with our peers, observing user privacy and working with other teams to ensure it throughout our processes.

Learn about Site Reliability Engineering vs Software Engineering roles at VTEX

At VTEX, we have specialists and generalist software engineers involved in developing customer focused features. They may understand and interact with our production systems on a day-to-day basis.

The work of software engineers and system engineers in SRE specializes in ensuring our platform is scalable, fast and highly available. They focus on improving everyone's interactions with our production systems through automation and education. They are our production experts.

How to Become a Site Reliability Engineer

Professionals who want to enter the SRE field generally need a profile that combines some technical knowledge in programming and operating systems along with curiosity about systems design and how to observe and influence the behavior of running systems. SRE is also at the intersection of multiple roles, so an interest for developing soft skills and navigating ambiguity well are must haves.

This ‘blend’ is relevant because it is common in this line of work to have to navigate organizational and software systems uncertainty while executing changes that guarantee continuous improvement of a platform without compromising its reliability.

As it is a relatively recent role, many professionals in the SRE area previously worked as network administrators, software engineers focused in other specialties and system administrators, gaining experience integrating and managing complex systems.

Interested in being part of VTEX SRE?

VTEX establishes an environment with all the conditions and possibilities to develop and sharpen SRE-related skills. Our core business is to provide a trustworthy and friendly platform that will make it easier for our customers to offer their products everywhere in the world. So, you can expect to work on exciting and challenging projects.

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