Digital Commerce Specialist Program

VTEX DCS is a global program that prepares recent graduates to become future leaders in the Digital Commerce industry. During the program, participants receive the most crucial knowledge and skills in high demand in the market, particularly in Commerce Solution Architect. Lasting from 12 to 18 months, the program combines a full-time employment opportunity with a learning program that offers an innovative and unique approach provided by the EICOM Institute.

The DCS Program
is a global program

With DCS, you will have the opportunity to work in a global, dynamic, and innovative company, interacting with people from different countries. In addition, after one year experiencing the routine of a real job and an intense course, filled with excellent technical teachings, you will have the opportunity to become a certified Commerce Solution Architect. The certified Commerce Solution Architect is a reference in the market, a person capable of dealing with complex problems. In general, to become a certified Commerce Solution Architect, the professional needs many years of career experience. With the DCS, we will prepare you to have this opportunity during the program. After that, the sky's the limit for your next move! With the DCS, you will be prepared to get any job you might want in the global Digital Commerce market.

The registrations are already open!

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Why become a Commerce Solution Architect?

The digital market is constantly and rapidly evolving. Recent research shows that technical professionals are the leaders of this digital transformation. That's precisely why Commerce Solution Architects are so important in this new context.

A Commerce Solution Architect has extensive technical knowledge and is always up-to-date with all market trends. They are able to talk business with authority and technical expertise. They stand out and are trusted advisors to CTOs, CIOs, and other decision-makers in the most strategic negotiations.

By becoming a certified Commerce Solution Architect, you will have what it takes to ensure the successful implementation of innovative solutions for clients, guide them towards the best strategic path for business architecture, identify new opportunities, and solve complex problems. As a Commerce Solution Architect, you will be prepared to take on any front-office position in VTEX and the technology market.

Boost your career and become a Commerce Solution Architect with the DCS program.

How does the DCS
Program work?

The DCS Program has two main pillars – Hands-on Experience and Learning Experience – that will teach you all you need to know to pursue a career as a Commerce Solution Architect.

Hands-on experience

At VTEX, we treat our young colleagues and interns exactly the same as our senior team members. So, expect from our DCS program:

Unusual and innovative tasks.
A disruptive and creative structure.
You will be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone.
From day one, you will face big challenges and work directly with our customers worldwide.
You will dig into complex cases and data and participate in projects that are important for the company's growth.

Learning Experience

Here, at VTEX, we believe that a DCS needs to have a skill set that will impact the success of our work. During your learning journey with the EICOM Institute, you will deep dive into this world of knowledge.

Ecommerce and Technical expertise

You will learn about this skill during your work experience, but we will also arm you with the tools needed to boost your ecommerce knowledge. You will have the opportunity to delve into topics such as:

Complete track that will prepare you to obtain the certification in commerce solution architecture.
Selling channels functionalities and their operational flows.
B2C and B2B cases and architecture best practices.
Details of the VTEX Commerce Platform and how to shape the VTEX functionalities to address customers.

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