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Digital Commerce Specialist Program

The VTEX DCS (Digital Commerce Specialist) is a two-year full-time job that prepares graduates and those who are starting their careers for a future in the digital industry, mixing learning and working experiences.

The applications for the next DCS program are closed.

Power the transformation.

Digital Commerce Specialist Program

The VTEX DCS (Digital Commerce Specialist) is a two-year program that prepares graduates and those who are starting their careers for a future in the digital industry, mixing learning and working experiences.

Work Experience

Accelerate your career in one of the fastest-growing industries on a two-year journey based on job rotation.


Be part of the next generation of digital commerce specialists and be mentored by senior professionals of the market.

Learning Experience

DCS is an on-the-job learning and development experience. You’ll pass through numerous areas that require a set of hard and soft skills.

Why become a Digital Commerce Specialist?

It is predicted that by the year 2040, as much as 95% of shopping will be facilitated by e-commerce*. The future is reserved for digital natives, in any sector. Starting your journey with us will ensure you get a robust and well-rounded foundation to prepare you for any track you decide to take within digital commerce. You will gain:

Hands-on experience

At VTEX, we treat our young colleagues exactly the same as our most senior team members. Don’t expect mundane tasks – you will be inter writing case studies, managing campaigns, digging deep into data, developing new products, and working directly with our customers around the world.

*Nasdaq, 2017

Global Impact

The digital commerce world knows no boundaries: you will be dealing with different cultures and working across timezones. You will get in touch with our sixteen offices around the globe and clients all over the world.

E-commerce expertise

You will be learning on the job, but we will also make sure that we arm you with the necessary tools to accelerate your e-commerce knowledge and skills. Participate in training programs run throughout the year by the Commerce Society. After qualifying, apply to take part in our proprietary MBA program, COMMEX.

How does the hiring process work?

The hiring process begins after the end of the applications.

1. Application

Applications are due by April 23rd.

2. Online Test

The hiring process starts now. At this phase you will submit a logical reasoning test.

3. Online challenge

You will receive two creatives challenges. We will send instructions by email to all candidates.

4. Interview with leaders

Leaders from VTEX teams will hold a conversation with you to know you better and understand if you have cultural fit.

5. Final Interview

It's a bar raiser interview. This is the final stage of the hiring process. We want to know the future you want to build for yourself.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for achievers. You need to be driven by challenges and have the initiative to set goals that align with your success, and VTEX’s. One of the pillars of our culture is to Be Bold – to challenge the status quo, test new alternatives, and not be afraid to take risks.

For this job, you must have a college degree and have graduated between December 2017 and June 2021.

There’s no course prerequisite, we are after people with strong math and analytical skills, technology-literate, and passionate about digital commerce and global trade. Previous experience in e-commerce and B2B companies is preferred. Fluency in Portuguese and English proficiency, both written and verbal, is a must; additional languages such as Spanish and Italian are a plus.​

What’s next for a Digital Commerce Specialist?

After a maximum of two years working in our back-office teams, the sky’s the limit for your next move. Do you like dealing with customers and our country teams? You can move into the front office of the Growth division, working in Business Development, Customer Excellence, Digital Marketing, or Growth Operations.

If you find your calling in building and innovating technology, you can join one of the teams in our Product division.

Employee Stories

Frequently questions

How our program works.

The program is a full-time job with a duration of two years. During this time, you will work in 5 different areas within VTEX. The first year you will be assigned to the company’s back office. For the second year, you will switch to the front office. We will provide all the support that you need for professional development through mentoring and classes with company leadership in which you will study real client cases.

Applicants that desire to start the program by July of 2021 must apply until April 23th.

  • VTEX doesn’t require any particular degree. Yet, it is necessary to have a bachelor degree or to be a senior in university (graduated before the start of the program). For this edition, your graduation date must be between December 2017 and June 2021;
  • People who like to solve problems, are curious and investigative, adopt a proactive stance and seek to become a reference in the ecommerce market.
  • Programming skills can be a differential but is not a requirement.
  • Previous experience in ecommerce and B2B companies are preferred but not a requirement.
  • Fluency in Portuguese is a prerequisite.
  • English proficiency, both written and verbal, is a requirement; additional languages such as Spanish, Italian, and Romanian are a plus.

VTEX pledges for the safety of their employees. The program will take place remotely if our offices remain not to open until the start date.

  1. Online Tests – Mindsight (logical reasoning test) + Multiple choice e-commerce test (HackerRank)
  2. Online video challenge – instructions will be sent by email for all candidates.
  3. Interview with leaders – a conversation with one back-office leader + one front-office leader – understand fit with the team and see the long-term candidate.
  4. Final interview – bar raiser interview.
  5. Offer

Yes. During the hiring process, there is an English test to measure your fluency level, and during the program, classes will be taught in English.

Only if you graduate until June 2021.

Yes! One of the prerequisites for registration is to have graduated between december of 2017 and june of 2021.

Registration is only open to candidates with a college degree.

Currently, due to the pandemic, the program is 100% remote. But as soon as the COVID situation gets under control, the program will be hosted at the offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Barcelona, so you must be open to the possibility of being present in one of these offices. (VTEX offers relocation help for employees).

This program is a CLT hire in Brazil. (CLT stands for Consolidation of Labor Laws, which is a type of hire in Brazil.)

Compensation is equivalent to other trainee programs in the market. In addition, you will receive benefits such as profit-sharing, food vouchers (Flash), health care, flexible work schedule, 65% discount as a language scholarship, among others. VTEX will provide you all the equipment that you will need to be productive.

The workload is equivalent to a full-time job, 8 hours per day approximately.

No. The program includes educational tutorials that will ensure that by the end of it, you will have all the knowledge that you need to be a digital commerce specialist. However, having coding experience — even at a basic level — is a differential in the hiring process.

VTEX has other job openings that will make more sense for you!

Follow the link to ours careers page, where you can find Software Engineering job openings at different locations (https://careers.vtex.com/).

Learn more about our Engineering team at https://careers.vtex.com/areas-of-work/engineering/. If you are still in college and want to grow as a software engineer, we will soon be accepting applications for our Summer Internship Program. Stay tuned: https://careers.vtex.com/early-careers/summer-winter-internship-program/

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