VTEX Summer Internship for Product Designers Roadshow | UFC

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Who's participating

Rafael Formiga

Product Designer at VTEX Lab

Designing a bright career starts with a great internship

How about beginning your career in UX, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world? And how about doing that in one of the fastest-growing companies in digital commerce? Amazing, right? That’s what the VTEX Summer Internship Program for Product Designers can offer you.

In this talk led by Rafael Formiga, Product Designer at VTEX, he will share his experience through his career, what he learned working at VTEX, and all you need to know about the Internship Program for Product Designers for all the students of UFC.

At VTEX, internships are for real. The projects developed in the program will meet real customers’ needs. It is an opportunity to explore your potential, get to know the market up close and work alongside some of the most recognized professionals in the world.

The projects developed in the internship program will be used by clients in more than 30 countries. The first three months will be dedicated to research, conceptualization, prototyping, and usability testing. In the following months, the design interns will work in multidisciplinary teams with engineering interns to help transform the product into reality.

During those months, participants will work with our programmers and engineers to develop the product.

Meet the speaker

Rafael Formiga

Product Designer at VTEX Lab

Rafael Formiga is a product designer at VTEX – where he works as a design mentor in the VTEX Lab program, boosting the professional training of design students who want a deeper professional immersion in the area.

Are you interested? Apply now for our Internship Program!

Work on a great product, in one of the fastest-growing industries, in an environment where you’ll have autonomy and voice.

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