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VTEX Summer Internship for Software Engineers Roadshow | North America

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Who's participating

Paulo Monçores

Director of Engineering at VTEX

The first step in transforming your career.

How about beginning your career in Software Engineering, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world? And how about doing that in one of the fastest-growing companies in digital commerce? Amazing, right? That’s what the VTEX Summer Internship Program for Software Engineers can offer you.

In this talk led by Paulo Monçores, Director of Engineering at VTEX, he will share his experience through his career, what he learned working at VTEX, and all you need to know about the Internship Program for Software Engineers for all the students of North America.

Through the VTEX Internship Program for Software Engineers, you will get to know and experience VTEX culture and take part in software development processes alongside the best professionals in the market.

You’ll dedicate three months to a tailor-made project, developing and placing it in production, as well as keeping the solution up-to-date. Be it by optimizing an internal process or improving the selling and buying experience of thousands of people, your work matters.

Meet the speaker

Paulo Monçores

Director of Engineering at VTEX

Paulo Monçôres is currently the Director of Engineering in the Curitiba operation at VTEX. He is senior engineer leader with 10+ years of experience in all phases of project design, development and deployment cycle.

Passionate about people interaction and behavior, he developed mentorship and hiring skills, and is always remembering people of their power to transform their futures.

Are you interested? Apply now for our Internship Program!

Our Summer Internship 2022 application process is now open!

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