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How We Hire

Let’s find what makes you unique.

Conversations are a two-way street, so always remember that you're also interviewing us. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don’t forget to be yourself, because that's all we're about.

Our Hiring Process

We encourage each team to use this process when they're hiring, but we make sure that they are free to adapt it to their needs. So guarantee you align with your interviewer how the process is going to be.

01. Phone Screen

The first face to face conversation we'll have.

This is the time we'll get to know each other. We'll introduce you to VTEX and some of our challenges. We want to certify you’ll get all the information you need, so you can be sure about building your journey with us. This is the perfect time to have all your questions and doubts about the job answered, so don't be afraid to ask!

02. Skill Tests or Technical Interview

Getting to know your technical abilities and hard skills.

Our Skills Tests consists of a challenge that is sent to you with a deadline. After that, you present the results to us. In our Technical Interviews we usually evaluate you in person, in real time, and follow the whole process of solving the proposed problem.

03. Hiring Manager Interview

Confirming everything that we've discussed so far.

In this step, everything that was raised in the previous interviews (fit with the VTEX culture, technical and behavioral fit with the opportunity) is confirmed. We’ll also talk to you about the last details regarding the opportunity and the team you are applying to. If you still have questions at this point, make sure you have them answered before the next interview.

04. Bar Raiser Interview

Ensuring we are a perfect fit.

This is the last stage of the interview process. The objective is to ensure that we are hiring people with high bar, according to the VTEXs future view, without being driven by the urgency of the hiring. And because of that, this conversation will happen with someone that's not part of the team you're applying to.

The 5 Hiring Attributes

What we really look for in candidates when hiring.

High Performer

At VTEX, we have pretty big goals. In order to reach them, we need the high fliers who soar to high heights.

Go-to Person

Think of the first people you call when you need help or when a crisis hits. You'll find that these people have a few traits in common.

Tech and Math

Deep conversations about tech solutions and computer science must cross all areas of the company.


Good candidates show they are interested in and/or can relate to the problem we’re solving.


We believe in creating a diverse team with a refined balance of curious generalists and experts who can build areas of deep specialization.

Frequently questions

Questions? Don't worry.

VTEX believes that the main agent in building your career path is you. As a company, we have some artifacts to support you in this process, such as: career tracks, growth plan, 1-on-1 rituals, chapters, technical mentoring and others.

No way. VTEX values, above all, the safety of its employees. If the employee does not feel safe to return to the office or in a distance mode, he can continue working remotely.

Not only candidates who have previous experience with digital commerce and can have deep conversations about tech solutions, but also, the ones who move the action forward and make things happen, remain unconditionally constructive and find opportunities in crises and scale their impact by sharing knowledge and developing autonomy in others.

It depends on the position you applied for – if it’s a front office role, we apply the Commerce Management Certificate – a written ecommerce test and it has 20 questions. The time limit is 120 minutes.

Our Grading Attributes:

Demonstration of full understanding of key facts, concepts or empirical data, with insightful analysis of theories and concepts and a high level of methodological skill.

Excellently structured, focused and well written presentation. Compelling arguments.
Selection & Coverage
Extensive range of sources used and applied, highly insightful and of outstanding quality.
For back office roles, we apply a multiple choice test to evaluate this knowledge.

Our main mission is to be a reference in diversity within the technology market by 2024.

As a global company, we have an important role in society as a reference voice among partners and other companies, and we believe it is our responsibility to embrace diversity in that regard. We believe that having a diverse team allows us to cultivate innovation, contributing to future-proof teams.

Knowing that diversity can only fully work if it’s paired with inclusion, we are taking concrete actions in order to accelerate this desired future, such as the creation of a diversity committee and affinitiy groups for LGBTQIA+ people, race, gender and people with disabilities.

If you feel inspired to build a diverse future with us, you are invited to explore our open roles in this page.

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