Barcelona, Spain

The Smartest City in the Mediterranean

Livin’ la vida and participating in the most advanced technological challenges can really happen… if you are in Barcelona. Here, you will collaborate with teams worldwide to build products that serve the needs of major European brands and, at the same time, you’ll be organically doing networking between tapas!

Attracting tech talent with more tech talent

Software Engineers, Product Managers, Account Executives, and many other well-prepared professionals are already part of the multicultural group of talents that work every day from this capital in the Mediterranean Sea: Barcelona.

Newly created and growing unceasingly, our team constantly connects with the other global teams that support and share their markets' insights every day. With their head on the cloud – literally – they persistently endorse the best training and tools from the corporate community to deliver the finest and most human experience, both to their colleagues and the clients.

Each one of the team members embraces their area of expertise to give the best customer service to multinational companies that, on their side, can innovate thanks to our adaptable and unique technology.

If you want to be part of global projects transforming the digital commerce landscape, let's have a (virtual) chat!​

Boost your career, getting to work with one of the most advanced technologies.

In Barcelona, you will join a group of young yet experienced talents that create and develop new applications in a matter of weeks. Fast-paced but with deep knowledge, that is the most common profile of our team members who always seek excellence while keeping the environment easy-going, fulfilling, and fun.

From B2B marketplaces to innovative DTC with the finest user experience. You’ll see yourself launching new online stores that you’ll end up treating like sons. Every project has its own soul and, after some bug resolutions and multiple usability challenges, you’ll feel proud of the results accomplished that you’ll have brought.

Start learning from day one and never stop involving yourself in one of the fastest-growing ecommerce platform providers worldwide.

Most of the relevant European businesses have their presence in Barcelona

The sunny capital of Western Europe holds the World Mobile Congress and many other leading tech events that are later transformed into business opportunities.

Having one of the world’s best gastronomies and venues to enjoy, Barcelona is the perfect place for networking to happen.

Well connected, medium-sized, and culturally full-equipped. The city of Barcelona offers its young and eclectic population a home for the curious and those who appreciate the wonderful outdoors.

Find yourself walking down Passeig de Gràcia, an open-air museum, to get to the heart of this smart city, where you will find our Spanish headquarters. Easily explore the vast quantity of restaurants, transports, and services near there while you take a break from the frenetic but pleasant responsibilities as a VTEXer. Come in, we’re open!

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Barcelona, Spain


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