Bucharest, Romania

In Bucharest, we transform the European commerce landscape

Here, you will implement awesome ecommerce stores for the biggest and most influential brands in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. All in one of the most thriving capitals in the European Union.

Looking for professionals to boost our commerce offerings.

We’re growing fast in Bucharest and want to get in touch with people who seek to upgrade their careers by working with global teams in order to provide the best solutions in the commerce market.

Our ambition is to make Bucharest the hub for commerce specialists and to achieve this goal we need to form an excelling group of Customer Excellence Analysts, Business Development Analysts, Software Engineers and Account Executives.

If you work in the commerce industry or product development and want to be part of global projects that are transforming the way commerce is done globally, come join us!

Build with us the future architecture of digital commerce.

Bucharest is one of our most vibrant hubs, responsible for supporting VTEX on our operations all over the European market while collaborating with worldwide teams to improve our solutions at a global scale.

Here, you will be part of a team that is implementing a whole new experience for Digital Commerce products - from sketch to prototype.

As a leading commerce technology company, VTEX is designing a catalog of products that serve the growing needs of major brands, making it easier to manage inventories, optimize product portfolio and grow sales in all channels.

Collaborate and learn from the best professionals, implementing products that are one step ahead of the industry to leading commerce brands.

Bucharest has a vibrant cultural scene, great quality of life, and potential to become one of Europe’s main tech hubs.

Bucharest is well known for its extremely resourceful and smart tech specialists, receiving frequent investments from the tech industry.

A safe place with great quality of life, the city is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe. Romania's cultural plurality and great historical heritage dating back to the Roman Empire make it a great place to explore. It has been known as “The Little Paris”.

In our Bucharest office, you will find amazing people to collaborate with and global challenges that will take you to discover your true potential. Come join us in one of the best cities to do business, in a fast-growing industry.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn why Bucharest is the place to be when it comes to commerce.

Bucharest is growing rapidly and has a robust tech and entrepreneurial community. In addition, it is a country with high quality of life and safety, attracting a steady flow of digital nomads. All these factors will allow us to attract more extraordinary talents to qualify our team, adding a regional outlook that will benefit our business. We want to increase the number of partners and clients that take full advantage of the complex VTEX tech and features.

In Bucharest, we are looking for senior candidates to fill Customer Excellence Analyst, Business Development Representative, Account Executive/First Party Apps, and Sales Solution Engineer.

We are looking for professionals who want to make an impact in a fast-growing industry and are interested in hands-on learning in a company with a strong culture, which encourages autonomy and empowers its employees to own their careers. To learn more about our culture, please visit Our Culture.


We constantly renew our job openings. Keep an eye out for news about jobs through this page.

You can find all the details about our selection process by visiting our How We Hire page.

It depends on the position. You can find this information in the Job Description section.

It is worth emphasizing that we are a remote-first company. That means we design all processes, communication, and culture assuming that all employees are remote, even if they are not. The way we communicate is the tool to access our future as a company. 

Practices for working with remotely distributed teams help us have a culture based in writing, encouraging us to organize our reasoning for decision making, share learning, be more efficient with meetings, and create a more diverse team in our life story.


This office is located at 6, Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, Campus 6 Building 6.1, floor 1 București, 011886, Romania

We believe that inclusion inspires innovation and strong teams thrive inside diverse environments. We are committed to a hiring process that ensures equal opportunities for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.

We are determined to increase diversity in our organization up to 2024. To achieve this statement, we are not  only committed to improving our hiring but also applying a diverse mindset in other departments in the company, considering a broader point of view in aspects such as decision-making and product development.

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