Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, the place where connections happen.

Here, you will work with high-performing teams to create global products that will help companies around the world have a seamless experience when managing their marketplaces.

Manage complex global challenges and improve your problem-solving skills.

The city of Curitiba hosts one of our brand new technology hubs and is responsible for creating features and updates of our Marketplace platform.

Here, you will be part of a team that is developing a product that is present in more than 30 countries. As you can imagine, day to day activities demand people who are able to dive into digital commerce challenges at a global scale, to find the best solution and also conduct everyday enhancements to keep our offer as one of the best in the market.

And this work is done side-by-side with high-performing talents from several countries, whose partnership in projects will contribute to your growth in both technical and soft skills.

Taking our marketplace to the next level.

This office is responsible for the development of projects related to our solutions, especially the ones associated with our ecommerce marketplace platform.

Our product reaches more than 2,500 sellers in more than 32 countries and is able to support multiple storefronts with local languages, currencies, and payment conditions. The team who works at this office deals with global challenges on a daily basis and because they’re in charge of creating software that allows global transactions, they end up becoming experts in the worldwide marketplace industry.

Senior professionals of areas such as Product Management, Customer Experience, Software Engineering, and Growth who desire to work on international projects and witness firsthand the future of the marketplace industry are more than welcome to apply for our job positions.

Curitiba, a proof of concept city.

It is a well-known fact among Brazilian marketers that Curitiba is the best place to know if a new product or service is going to take off or be trashed out by potential customers.

Such a reputation was created because of some traits that embody the personality of most 'curitibanos', such as their demands for a product that gathers great experience for the user. We want to benefit from these qualities in order to create solutions that will help companies around the world.

The talents based at our Curitiba office will be responsible for building technologies that will make it easier for our partners to connect with new sellers, also providing a platform that will offer a seamless search and buying experience to their customers.

Frequently asked questions

Learn why Curitiba is the next path in your future.

The Curitiba unit is responsible for working on our Marketplace platform, developing features and updates to make it easier for B2C, B2B and even physical store sellers to go digital, expand their product assortment and sell more.

In our Curitiba office, we are looking for senior candidates to fill Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Designer, and Software Engineer positions.  We are looking for professionals who want to make an impact in a fast-growing industry and are interested in hands-on learning in a company with a strong culture, which encourages autonomy and empowers its employees to own their careers. To learn more about our culture, visit Our Culture.

Due to the current health crisis related to COVID-19 and the escalating visa/travel restrictions in place, we’re currently avoiding extending offers to anyone who is not located in Brazil right now. Consequently, we will be prioritizing candidates who can start in this location by set date as expected. 

We’re keeping the situation under review and would adjust our position should the restrictive measures be removed later on.


We constantly renew our job openings. Keep an eye out for news about jobs through this page.

You can find all the details about our selection process by visiting our How We Hire page.

It depends on the position. You can find this information in the Job Description section.

It is worth emphasizing that we are a remote-first company. That means we design all processes, communication, and culture assuming that all employees are remote, even if they are not. The way we communicate is the tool to access our future as a company. 

Practices for working with remotely distributed teams help us have a culture based in writing, encouraging us to organize our reasoning for decision making, share learning, be more efficient with meetings, and create a more diverse team in our life story.


This office is located at Address: Avenida Cândido de Abreu, 70. Sala 21-22, 2º andar. Centro Cívico – City: Curitiba/PR-Brasil.

Absolutely! We are moving towards becoming an increasingly diverse company, but we know there is still a long path to reach. Today we have 36% women on the staff, and 22% declare themselves black or brown. We are committed to increase the diverse talent density and create the conditions for all individuals to have a sense of belonging at VTEX. We have been working with a consulting firm, IDBR – INSTITUTO DE IDENTIDADES DO BRASIL, to help make VTEX’s actions increasingly diverse and inclusive. We took the first steps by investing in initiatives on attracting, training and expanding opportunities to individuals from sub represented groups in technology, such as Women in Digital, Tech Women Bootcamp and Black Tech Writers.

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