João Pessoa, Brazil

João Pessoa: high tech projects, high touch people.

Create new ways to ease worldwide payments processes. In this office, you will work with global teams to build solutions that will help sellers improve their own pay offerings and the buying experience extended to customers.

Acquire abilities that will make you a skilled professional. Anywhere.

João Pessoa is the home of our office responsible for dealing with our payments solution and infrastructure, improving the current platform and planning on ongoing improvements.

Here, you will be part of a team that has the goal of developing technologies able to support different currencies and payment conditions, making it easier for global and local sellers to see us as a reliable business partner.

Work and collaborate with amazing, high-performing people, creating products that are one step ahead of the payment and technology industry.

Transforming payments at a global scale.

Brazil is a leading market in the payments industry, with a solid ecosystem that allows the growth of options for purchases that are unique in our country.

The goal of the João Pessoa office is to manage our Payments solution and payments systems integrated with our platform in order to make them reach a world-class standard when it comes to security and usability, besides exploring ways of implementing the technologies that are trending in Brazil, like PIX and the future open banking system.

To deal with the main opportunities presented by the local and external payments ecosystems, we need to partner up with professionals who are passionate about this subject and want to be part of the global advancements that are going to happen in this market in the following years. For this hub, we are looking for professionals that want to work in a multinational company with the autonomy to create global impact solutions and with proven experience in areas such as Product Management, Design, and Technical Operational Solutions.

João Pessoa, in the state of Paraíba, is a stellar city with bright professionals.

From its high quality of life to the low cost of living (compared with other capitals in Brazil), João Pessoa is part of a group of cities presented as ideal for people who want to move into places with a country environment but, at the same time, desire to have easy access to the amenities that are common in metropolitan areas.

We also have a long-term relationship with the state of Paraiba. Since 2018, we have partnered with the Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG) to boost the technical skills of its students.

We could strengthen our ties in the region from this partnership and make this office our 3rd biggest hub. The professionals who work here help us create technologies that ease the payments processes globally.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn why João Pessoa could be the next path in your future.

This unit manages all aspects related to our payment processes: from the release of updates on the current platform to facilitating the integration of different types of payments in the VTEX ecosystem to the implementation of new currencies and technologies in our platform, such as the Brazilian electronic payment system (PIX).

In our João Pessoa office, we are looking for senior candidates to fill Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Designer, and Software Engineer positions. We are looking for professionals who want to make an impact in a fast-growing industry and are interested in hands-on learning in a company with a strong culture, which encourages autonomy and empowers its employees to own their careers. To learn more about our culture, visit Our Culture.

Due to the current health crisis related to COVID-19 and the escalating visa/travel restrictions in place, we’re currently avoiding extending offers to anyone who is not located in Brazil right now. Consequently, we will be prioritizing candidates who can start in this location by set date as expected. 

We’re keeping the situation under review and would adjust our position should the restrictive measures be removed later on.


We constantly renew our job openings. Keep an eye out for news about jobs through this page.

You can find all the details about our selection process by visiting our How We Hire page.

It depends on the position. You can find this information in the Job Description section.

It is worth emphasizing that we are a remote-first company. That means we design all processes, communication, and culture assuming that all employees are remote, even if they are not. The way we communicate is the tool to access our future as a company. 

Practices for working with remotely distributed teams help us have a culture based on writing, encouraging us to organize our reasoning for decision making, share learning, be more efficient with meetings, and create a more diverse team in our life story.


This office is located at Rua Antônio Rabelo Júnior, 161. 25º andar. Miramar – João Pessoa/PB – Brasil

Absolutely! We are moving towards becoming an increasingly diverse company, but we know there is still a long path to reach. Today we have 36% women on the staff, and 22% declare themselves black or brown. We are committed to increase the diverse talent density and create the conditions for all individuals to have a sense of belonging at VTEX. We have been working with a consulting firm, IDBR – INSTITUTO DE IDENTIDADES DO BRASIL, to help make VTEX’s actions increasingly diverse and inclusive. We took the first steps by investing in initiatives on attracting, training and expanding opportunities to individuals from sub represented groups in technology, such as Women in Digital, Tech Women Bootcamp and Black Tech Writers.

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