London, United Kingdom

A cosmopolitan growth hub for the commerce industry – and yourself

Join the VTEX Corporate HQ in London and its team of high-performing and diverse talents, and help shape the future of the company from a global perspective – all while learning and having lots of fun.

Enable the growth of the company to new heights.

In less than two years, the London office grew from a handful of people to over 30 – and counting! As the team grew, so did VTEX, because our London-based teams are all about enabling global growth, whether they are Sales, Marketing, or Customer Experience.

By choosing the VTEX London office, you will be joining a cultural melting pot where people originating from all over the world collaborate in a vibrant and exciting environment. The team has a mix of early-career and senior colleagues, where everyone is learning from one another about digital commerce, strategy, and, truth be told, food.

If it sounds like this dynamic workspace would fit you like a glove, why not check out our vacancies?

Explore new avenues of your career.

Our London office lies at the epicentre of our growth strategy. From here, our global growth teams are masterfully coordinating all sorts of company-wide initiatives with a huge dose of creativity, resourcefulness and boldness, all whilst closely collaborating with regional and local teams. What is the message of our next marketing campaign? How should salespeople pitch VTEX to get the upper hand on our competitors? What do our customers need in order to thrive? These are just some of the questions that will obsess you should you join the team.

Here, you’re encouraged to take the bull by the horns and juggle teamwork and autonomy according to your needs. You’ll be constantly refining your skills, knowledge and even your role; you won’t be standing still, just like the commerce industry. In a nutshell, expect a fast-paced environment that will continuously challenge and reward you.

Are you up for the challenge? If you answered ‘yes’, we promise to make it extraordinary.

London, the perfect place for tech unicorns.

London itself needs no introduction, but we’re going to hype it up nonetheless! The UK capital has an eclectic mix of cultures, a rich and mesmerizing history, more parks than you can count and the perfect scene for art and theatre enthusiasts. But on top of being a commercial, financial and cultural centre, this incredible city has recently become a true tech hub, powered by diverse minds and audacious ideas.

This welcoming climate made London a perfect home away from home for VTEX. Our office, nestled in the heart of Central London, just across the street from the Holborn Tube Station and a stone’s throw away from buzzing Covent Garden and Soho, reflects that we want to be at the forefront of the commerce industry.

Of course, the fact that our office is inside Aviation House, a former church stylishly redesigned by WeWork with easy access to top-notch restaurants, cafés and pubs, only motivates us more to work hard, yet party harder. Sold yet?

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