Head Pick and Pack Brazil


About the Role

As the Head of Pick and Pack in Brazil, the individual will hold a strategic and multifaceted role in internally selling the VTEX Pick and Pack platform to sales teams. This role involves actively collaborating with the Costumer Engineer (CE) and the sales team to identify opportunities with clients, as well as understanding and meeting the specific needs of the Brazilian market to drive product distribution.

The candidate will be primarily responsible for product sales, leading presentations and meetings with potential clients alongside CE and the sales team. Additionally, they are expected to generate creative strategies to achieve and exceed established goals.

Empathy with clients is essential, as the candidate will need to thoroughly understand the individual needs of each client and propose innovative Pick and Pack solutions that fit these needs, avoiding the need for extensive customizations by the technical team.

In summary, the Head of Pick and Pack will be a proactive, results-oriented leader capable of identifying growth opportunities, developing effective strategies, and maintaining strong client relationships to drive product success in the Brazilian market.

What I, Head of Pick and Pack Brazil do:

  • Sales & Solution Engineering Process: I translate customer needs into business and architectural solutions. I guide clients through the platform’s technical scenarios, proposing architectures and functionalities that address customer needs. I define the project scope, technical proposal, and pricing. I am responsible for a well-detailed RFP answer comprising the link of our documentation and business cases. I am able to develop products and technical demos and create POCs with the most suitable apps and configurations that match the client’s business demands. I maximize the conversion of opportunities in contracts through my technical knowledge. I am the main responsible for our leads understanding all the modules and functionalities of the VTEX Platform.
  • Solution architecture: I am accountable for a well-designed, scalable, and sustainable architecture, guaranteeing our clients’ stores’ velocity and sales performance. I have profound knowledge of the technical architecture present in VTEX client cases, and I can showcase this to our prospects. I guarantee the reliability of the proposed architecture. I am responsible for establishing the timeline and resource allocation for the project (VTEX only sells projects with defined architecture and timeline). I guide our customers to avoid unnecessary complexity.
  • Education: I am recognized by the market for my commerce technical authority. I scale VTEX’s knowledge exchange by documenting sales strategies, negotiation, proposal and presentation best practices, and authority building.
  • Ensure that the Sales and Customer Engineer teams have the technical knowledge of VTEX Pick and Pack to effectively sell the solution.
  • Train VTEX teams in different regions.
  • Act as the right hand for Customer Engineers (CE) and Sales Representatives to promote Pick and Pack sales.
  • weekly reporting of identified opportunities and leads for Pick and Pack.
  • Achieve the sales target for the region with the support of Customer Engineers.
  • Create and disseminate necessary Pick and Pack assets required by the sales and CE teams.
  • Document all customer sales cases to share best practices.


Who you are

  • Hard Skills
    • Commerce Architecture domain knowledge: I am a technical expert, fully aware of VTEX platform capabilities and the commerce ecosystem applied to real cases. Desired certifications: CAC – Level 1, Level 2
    • Digital Commerce Knowledge: I am a commerce expert, knowledgeable of commerce solutions for B2C, B2B, Grocery, and DTC. Desired certifications: CMX Level 1, 2 and 3
    • VTEX Platform Knowledge: I have deep knowledge of VTEX Platform: deep knowledge of Integrations between platforms and commerce ecosystem and legacy systems.
    • RFP’s market structures knowledge: I am able to build a well-detailed RFP answer comprising the link of our documentation and business cases.
  • Soft Skills
    • Sales Skills: I am a storyteller, able to sustain a powerful yet easily understandable narrative connecting VTEX solutions with clients’ needs. I can connect with CTO, CIOs, CDOs, and e-commerce managers and make them admire my knowledge of commerce. I strongly believe in VTEX solutions and pricing models; I can defend them, commercially persuading clients despite any adversities. I transform resistance into alliances. I know how to leverage VTEX against other solutions (Salesforce, SAP Hybris, Adobe Commerce, and others) and how to identify opportunities by monitoring the market.
    • Precise communication: I am able to connect and read the necessity of the client genuinely. I always seek to profoundly understand the scenario I am in, guiding my clients to the correct solution. I listen to people’s needs with integrity and attention. I am always pursuing the best outcome for our customers (increase sales fast and reduce operational costs)
    • Ability to talk and engage technical and non-technical people: I am able to transition between different audiences, identify the right language to apply in each situation, and thus engage and motivate different stakeholders with different strategies.
    • Proactivity: I understand the client’s needs and constantly seek to anticipate and solve problems, aiming to guarantee the best performance and, consequently, the best experience for my client. I am able to move action forward and be eager to make things happen through planning and execution. I remain unconditionally constructive and find opportunities in crisis. I pursue active delivery of the RFP by showing the POCs
    • Force Multiplier: I constantly seek to scale my impact by sharing knowledge and developing autonomy in others.


About VTEX

VTEX (NYSE: VTEX) is the enterprise digital commerce platform where global brands and retailers run their world of commerce. VTEX is trusted by more than 2,400 customers, such as AbInbev, Carrefour, Colgate, Motorola and Whirlpool, with over 3,200 active online stores across 38 countries*.

Founded in the year 2000, VTEX has a history of being unstoppable. Completely against the odds, VTEX is leading a high-tech industry and positioned above market giants. We are building an extraordinary future with more than 1,700 employees scattered across 18 locations in 12 countries in Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

At VTEX, you will work in a challenge-driven environment and collaborate with amazing peers. If you are powerful individually, join us, and we will be unstoppable together.
*as of FY ended on December 31st, 2021



You don't have to meet all the job requirements! If you believe you can do the job and are a good match, we encourage you to apply.

At VTEX, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential assets in creating an environment of high performance. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic. We invite all interested applicants to apply for open positions at VTEX and join us in our commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Job position

Head Pick and Pack Brazil

Area of work

Product/Growth Proxy, Growth




Senior level
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