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The Product Technical Analyst must act as a product specialist to solve the problems the user might find in the software, like a support layer inside the product. In that way, the engineers can focus on the software evolution, while the technical analyst takes care of the everyday issues. In addition, by having close contact with customer problems, the technical analyst is also responsible for bringing insights to engineers, contributing to continuous software improvement.

In this role you will answer support tickets opened by our Customer Experience team, acting as a N2 support level, solve complex technical problems by proposing solutions to remove our customers operational blockers and deal with eventual critical emergencies that require your specific knowledge about the platform to solve the problem within a short SLA. In addition, you will have a real impact by giving orientation to our CX team in order to solve the customers operational issues.


The Product Team is responsible for VTEX Software development, so we aim to hire bold players only. In that way, we are looking for people who are avid about taking risks, who embrace failure as an opportunity for learning. We look for candidates who love technology, learn fast and who are continuously engaged in improving the customers’ experience with the company.

We are specialists in VTEX and the go-to Persons regarding our Product. We know a lot about our ecommerce platform, the digital commerce market, and our customer’s business. Also, we act as technical consultants for the entire VTEX Team. We deeply understand our customer’s problems and remove their operational blockers with our technical knowledge, increasing their business revenue. We are the Experts!

  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Exact or Applied Sciences, such as Engineering or in Business Administration or Economics;
  • You have a solid knowledge of Information Technology;You have knowledge of API Client Softwares (Postman, Insomnia and others) and browser inspect tools (Chrome Dev tools and others);
  • You are fluent in Portuguese and proficient in English. Other languages’ fluency is differential;
  • You can communicate with an excellent interpersonal, verbal and written skills;
  • You are self-discipline to work in an environment with great autonomy and flat hierarchy;
  • You have an analytical and systemic thinking, and can design simple solutions to complex problems.
  • _
    • Competitive compensation
    • Profit-sharing
    • Flexible work schedule
    • Meal Allowance (Flash)
    • Transportation assistance
    • Possibility to join our equity program
    • Health, dental, and life insurance
    • Child Care assistance
    • Extended parental leaves
    • VTEX Care: our financial, legal, and mental assistance program
    • Gympass partnership
    • Language scholarship: 65% subsidies in English, Spanish, Portuguese courses
    • Free shipping on 1000+ VTEX stores
    Founded in Rio de Janeiro and valued at over USD 1.7bn, VTEX is recognized by IDC and Gartner as one of the world’s leading commerce platforms. Our success is made possible by a team of over 1,000 diverse, talented individuals in 16 offices spread across North and South America, Europe and Asia, and our global ecosystem of partners.
    Diversity and inclusion are big commitments over here. Creating an inclusive and diverse environment is our key to growth. And our teams make this growth possible because each individual composes our company with boldness, integrity, diversity, and extraordinary commitments to a future beyond ourselves.
    VTEX creates conditions for you to own your future. We listen and trust each other with commitment. We are open to the possibility that a diverse perspective will lead us beyond what is predictable. It is everyone’s responsibility to create this environment.


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    Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 and now valued at over USD 1.7bn, VTEX is recognized by IDC and Gartner as one of the world’s leading commerce platforms. Our success is made possible by a team of over 1,000 diverse talented individuals in 17 offices spread across North and South Americas, Europe and Asia, and our global ecosystem of partners.