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VTEX is the only multitenant commerce platform capable of unifying experiences in all sales channels. With a robust solution, scalable cloud infrastructure, and powerful tooling, our platform accelerates the transformation of complex operations.

2500+ online stores of varying sizes and segments, with operations in 32 countries and global expansion, have at VTEX the solution for the online sale of their products, among them major names such as Sony, Motorola, Walmart, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Stanley Black & Decker, and Nestlé.


TRUST TO BE TRUSTED: We believe with eyes closed and delegate responsibilities. To be trustworthy, you need honesty, transparency, and consistency in quality and performance. This is the great pillar of all relationships that involve VTEX within and outside the company. We’re trust-first.

BUILD FOR COMMUNITY: It’s all about being ready to grow and reach new levels with others. Have a clear purpose, collective thinking, and a flexible essence, and you’re building for the community. We are global, but we’re audacious enough to aim for the stars.

BE BOLD: Boldness is about challenging the status quo and not being afraid to make mistakes or take risks. We test new alternatives, walk into the unknown and explore possibilities no one thought about. To be bold is to apologize instead of asking for permission.

The Customer Experience main challenge is to enable continued growth opportunities to our customers. As an enablement team we seek to offer our teams training and learning opportunities on their path to become Digital Commerce Specialists. 
As a SEO expert, you will have the opportunity to improve the results in organic acquisition to thousands of businesses. At VTEX, we hope you have the proactive attitude to show results before someone asks you to.

  • Create long lasting educational content around SEO strategy
  • Partner with Customer Experience teams to develop scalable solutions to improve performance
  • Offer our teams training and learning opportunities to become Digital Commerce Specialists. 
  • Develop metrics and tracking to monitor overall performance as well as acquisition performance.
  • Clearly define and develop your short term and long term strategies for sustained growth
  • Work with regional and country marketing teams to build, set up, execute and optimize organic traffic strategies
  • Be forward thinking and uncover new opportunities and trending topics
  • Strong interest and commitment to the learning experience and is committed to eventually turn learning into teaching;
  • 5+ years planning, developing and implementing SEO strategy 
  • English fluency is a requirement, as well as another language VTEX works in: Portuguese, Spanish (LATAM/Spain), Italian, Romanian, Czech
  • Able to relate to different cultures and can work across time zones
  • E-commerce experience is preferred.
  • Ease of learning and adaptation: we have the ability to change fast
  • Strong ability to think strategically and in solving complex business problems
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    Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 and now valued at over USD 1.7bn, VTEX is recognized by IDC and Gartner as one of the world’s leading commerce platforms. Our success is made possible by a team of over 1,000 diverse talented individuals in 17 offices spread across North and South Americas, Europe and Asia, and our global ecosystem of partners.